PCT and HDROL & 11-OXO


Introduction Summer is just around the corner, with summer fast approaching the time to cycle is limited, so we bring to you our slimmer summer Cycle featuring two well known pro-hormones/designer steroids, Halodrol and 11-OXO.  Both are excellent candidates for a cutting cycle in their own right, but together the results are kicked into high

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Updated: Pro-hormone & Steroid Basic Cycles


Introduction We put this list together in order to provide our readers with a quick and simple break down of many popular compounds, this is a living article, we update it on a consistent basis by adding new clones when they become available and adding new information when it comes to light. Note:  The half-life

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The 11-OXO (Adrenosterone) Informative Bible

AMS Ultra Stack

Prelude 11-OXO also known as (Adrenosterone) is a popular non-methylated designer steroid/pro-hormone originally brought to market by Ergopharm and has since been cloned by several other companies such as Black China Labs 11-test and Competitive Edge Labs 11-Sterone.  Despite the availability of clones with reduced pricing, Andrenosterone remains one of the more expensive compounds to

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