Pro-Hormone Boladrol– Guide & Review


Boladrol Introduction

Boladrol is a new pro-hormone/anabolic steroid which appeared in late 2010, it’s manufactured by Celtic Labs, or what use to be IBE Nutrition or PHF Supplements.  This write-up will be slightly smaller as there is still much to learn about this compound, we will continuously update this article as new information becomes available.

Despite Boladrol being released quite recently, it’s already generated significant buzz due to the magnitude of the compound, in other words it’s incredibly potent.  Boladrol (7,17a-dimethyl-androsten-3,17-diol) is the diol variation of Bolasterone (7a,17a-Dimethyltestosterone) which was sold by Thermolife in the earlier 2000′s but was later discontinued/banned.

Quick Notes

Boladrol appears to be one of the strongest compound available on the current market, cycles are typically low dosage and cycles short and sweet.  Conversion to estrogen is an issue here and this is a wetter compound than most so having something on hand to combat estrogenic side effects is helpful.  The manufacturer claim it’s six times as anabolic and three times as androgenic as methyl-testosterone which would make this quite the potent combat from virtually every angle.

Maintaining Health

Boladrol is an oral based pro-hormone that’s processed by the liver,Boladrol is also a methylated compound and thus puts additional strain on our bodies liver.  Based on early information this appears to be one of the strongest compounds available and could potentially have a high likely hood for side effects but more than likely no more than any other strong compound (superdrol, etc).  Blood tests are still coming back from users but we can assume in general it can negatively impact blood pressure, lipid values, cholesterol levels and will put stress on the bodies endocrine system.

With any pro-hormone/designer steroid there is always some risk associated with using them, however this risk in most cases can be mitigated by properly planning our cycle to include supplements designed to be taken in conjunction with steroids.  In general we want to protect our livers, lipid values, keep cholesterol and blood pressure in check, we achieve this by utilizing an “all-in-one” product designed for steroid products, therefore ANYONE running Boladrol should be required to supplement with one of the following products through the duration of the cycle.

  1. Anabolic Innovations – Cycle Support (Powder)
  2. Anabolic Innovations – Life Support (Capsules)
  3. Competitive Edge Labs – Cycle Assist (Capsules)

Either of the three are suitable choices, cost should be the deciding factor or whether you prefer capsules or powder.  A general rule of thumb is to pre-load either of the products two weeks prior to beginning your cycle and continue to use throughout the entire cycle from start to finish, buy accordingly so you have enough on hand.   These products will assist your body with maintaining healthy blood pressure, prostate health, liver function and lipid profile by utilizing popular herbs such as Hawthorn Berry (BP), NAC (liver), Milk Thistle (liver), Saw Palmetto (prostate) among others.  Please follow the manufactures recommended dosage (as per bottle) as it’s the dosage known to work best.

Where as with many cycles, one of the products above would be sufficient on it’s own for cycle protection, however for Boladrol it’s recommended to take the route “better safe than sorry” and provide our bodies with additional protection by supplementing with the following.

  1. SNS Inhibit-E (or other comparable) – As noted earlier, estrogenic side effects could potentially arise on Boladrol, therefore it’s recommended to cycle with low-dosed Inhibit-E throughout the duration of the cycle until PCT.  Consume 1-2 capsules daily and increase to 3 capsules if 1-2 is not sufficient.

We also recommend having plenty of Taurine on hand with Boladrol to control back pumps, for more information on combating other sides please read our article combating cycle sides.

Pro-Hormone Cycle Dosing

Two words come to mind with Boladrol, short and sweet, from most accounts this compound begins to work incredibly quickly (within 2-3 days is not uncommon).  Since this cycle is quite new many (including us) are still experimenting with cycle dosages and cycle length, we have seen cycles as high as 6mg over the course of 4 weeks typically this type of experimenting should be done by those with experience and knowledge.  Below are two example layouts that is generally (and currently) the most common layouts.

Four week cycle:

4 mg daily | four weeks

Notes: Advanced users can bump dosage to 6mg during the final week if no sides present.  Users with moderate experience should start the first week at 2mg to asses tolerance.  This compound is also quite effective during a three week cycle (4mg daily – 3 weeks).  It’s recommended for ideal coverage and absorption that dosages be split up by 6-8 hours, ideally with one dosage being taken prior to workout.  Consume at least 16 ounces of water with each dosage.

Typical Results

Boladrol gains typically come on quite quickly with noticeable gains occurring during the second week, based on our test cycle and other users cycles the gains seem to be quite significant with gains in the range of 10lbs over a four week cycle in our test cycle gains of 11lbs over four weeks were realized.  However as always gains are heavily unique to each user, diet and training regiment also play a significant role as well.

It should be noted that water bloating has been observed in most cycles, therefore some gains will be lost post cycle due to water weight.

Post Cycle Therapy

Possibly the most important item on the menu is post cycle therapy, when taking a foreign substance (Boladrol) that creates testosterone your body begins to shut down it’s normal production, when you stop taking a pro-hormone or steroid compound your body needs a way to jump start it’s own natural production again, while limiting endocrine system stress, this is why we need post cycle therapy.  It’s not just as simple as that however, when coming off of a compound your body goes through a very stressful phase as your hormones are out of balance, failure to mitigate these imbalances can result in a unique set of side effects not related to the active compound.  Below is just a *few* of the noted side effects of an improper post cycle therapy regiment, it should also be noted that the occurrence of side effects in the post cycle stage is more common than the “on-cycle” phase, however a properly planned post cycle therapy regiment can mitigate these risks.

  • Gynecomastia (or Man Boobs)
  • Anxiety/Depression (Can range mild to severe)
  • Body Aches/Pains (Can range mild to severe)
  • Impotence and other sexual function side effects.
  • Loss of gains made on cycle.

As you can see, these are side affects we definitely want to avoid at all costs, so let’s start discussing a proper Boladrol PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

Post Cycle General:  You should begin your PCT regiment immediately after your pro-hormone or designer steroid cycle, it should begin the day after your last dosage of Boladrol.  PCT regiments are typically 4-6 weeks depending on the type of compound being used, user and type of PCT.  As noted in the previous section under “Maintaining Health”, you should continue to use Life Support, Cycle Assist or Cycle Support throughout your entire cycle, INCLUDING your PCT regiment.

  • Boost Natural Testosterone Production.
  • Regulate Estrogen.
  • Restore HPTA function.
  • Reducing SHBG.
  • Control Cortisol Effects.

Over The Counter:  An OTC (Over The Counter) post cycle therapy regiment is not an acceptable PCT for Boladrol, with Boladrol cycles a Research Drug is REQUIRED.

Research Drugs:  The MOST effective PCT regiment is one that includes a prescription/research drug, however some users prefer not to go this route, you may be asking why would someone go another route if this is the most proven and effective PCT method.  There’s various reasons but one to point out is that these drugs aren’t technically available without a prescription, these are also very powerful drugs that can also have their own side effects, notice that I say they aren’t “technically” available that’s because they can be purchased online at research drug sites, I won’t provide you with any links, if you chose to go this route googling for these sites will won’t take you long.

1. Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate).  Comes in Liquid or Pill form.

2. Optional (But highly-recommended):  Competitive Edge Labs – P.C.T Assist

Below is an example PCT when using a research drug (such as Nolvadex aka Tamoxifen Citrate, as we are in this case).

Week 1 Nolvadex 30mg | Week 2-3 Nolvadex 20mg & P.C.T Assist (6 caps) | Week 4 Nolvadex 10mg & P.C.T Assist (6 caps) | Week 5 P.C.T Assist (6 caps)


We are not doctors, therefore before starting any supplement or training regiment you should consult with your doctor.  The information being provided is simply personal opinion.  Anyone under the age of 21 should not consider using any pro-hormone or designer steroid as it can have a negative impact on your life, for life.

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